• It only costs $50 for a year!

  • We advocate for an abundant, affordable, and safe food supply.

  • Members save money by using the many member-only benefits.

  • We support a healthy, viable agricultural industry which means more open, green space.

  • We educate the general public on the importance of Delaware agriculture.

  • Farm Bureau’s successful grassroots structure allows for member participation.

  • Delaware Farm Bureau supports youth by offering college scholarships and youth ambassador programs as well as the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee.

  • Farm Bureau promotes the safe and humane treatment of animals.

  • Members benefit from the national Farm Bureau organization as well.

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Farm Bureau is a non-profit and nongovernmental organization that serves as a unified voice for farmers in the State of Delaware. Controlled by its members through the democratic process and financed through membership dues, this group of approximately 8,000 farm families and associate members help form a national organization that is over 6 million strong. Farm Bureau members unite for the purpose of preserving agriculture as an industry and way of life in Delaware. By also promoting public understanding and member involvement, we work to overcome negative perceptions of farming in the first state, and help to keep agriculture the number one industry in Delaware.